A textbook is Always a Child’s Friend

Our mission statement is “to serve the educational community.” Since Gakko Tosho’s founding in 1948, wehave strived to instill solid knowledge to children and to foster their potential. With changes in our society, we have undergone major reforms in education. Gakko Tosho has responded to these changes quickly, through tireless research and innovation to improve textbooks, teaching materials and tools. We also carry out research and development (R&D) for digital content.

Among them, textbooks play a major role for teachers to teach children. Ensuring that children learn basic knowledge is critical for their curiosity to expand and be nurtured.

Through textbooks, children interact with their peers in the classroom. Gakko Tosho cherishes the trust given by the generations of students, parents, teachers, and schools, with the nickname of “Gakuto” and will continue supporting the future generateons through textbooks.

Chief Executive Officer: Norio NAKAJIMA