Company Plofile

Company Name Gakko Tosho Co.,Ltd
Date founded May 20, 1948
Capital 50 millions yen
Top Management CEO Norio NAKAJIMA
Numbers of employees 68 employees
Associated Company TOSHO Printing Co.,Ltd.
Affiliates General Foundation School Institute ofEducation
Main Business
  • Editing, publication and distribution of books for school education.
  • Development, production and sales of educational materials,educational tools and educational devices.
  • Editing, translation, publication and sales of foreign books.
  • Planning, editing, production and sales of publications such as books and dictionaries.
  • Planning, editing, production and sales of periodical publications such as magazines.
  • Editing, production and sales of government official publications.
  • Development, production, sales, lease, rental and export/import of household electrical devices, household light application devices, computers and their software.
  • Planning, production and operation of education-related events and acceptance of entrustment of such works.
  • Acceptance of entrustment of editing privately-printed books.